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Our Services

  • Sweeping and cleaning of all common area floor surfaces
  • Trash collection and recycling
  • Thorough dusting of walls, baseboards, lights, frames, shelves
  • Maintenance of elevators and emergency exit
  • Carpet cleaning by extraction
  • Cleaning of high windows
  • Pressure washing of garages
  • Replacement and restocking of light bulbs
  • Management and restocking of cleaning products
  • Winter rug installation and refitting
  • Paint jobs and touch-ups
  • Snow removal and grass cutting
  • Watering of plants
  • General repairs and handyman jobs
  • General and technical monitoring of the building

Supervision and
quality control

A team of supervisors performs routine inspections

in order to ensure that the cleaning and

technical requirements of your condominium are fully respected.

Quality and Personalized Services

Thank to our vast experience working in five-star hotels, we are able to guarantee superior know-how and higher quality services. You can count on our uniformed employees to perform their duties with the utmost discretion.